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Fuel Cell Compressor Selection Guide

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Maximum inlet pressure
Maximum inlet temperature degrees
Maximum discharge pressure
Maximum outlet temperature degrees
Outlet flow rate
Suction source
Pipe line Generator
Tube trailer Gas cylinder
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Process Media
Gas type %Composition of gas mixture Molecular Weight Cp/Cv Ratio Critical Pressure Critical Temperature
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Power requirements VAC, phase Hz,
Electrical classification
Hazardous (if this box is checked fill in details below)
  USA:- Hazardous area classification as interpreted
by NEC, Article 500
Class Division Group
  European:- Hazardous area classification as interpreted by ATEX
Group Category Gas
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Special cleaning requirements
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Basic Compressor:
A basic compressor consists of the compressor, base-plate, static conductive oil resistant V-belt drive system, non-sparking OSHA belt-guard, TEFC or IEC electric motor, diaphragm failure leak detection system, relief valve, inlet filter, accumulator, heat exchanger, relief valve and after-cooler.
Turnkey system:
A diaphragm compressor complete with instrumentation and controls includes the basic compressor, noted above, as well as a control panel, motor starter, start-stop button, safety interlocks, pressure gauges, auto-unloading. Compressor will be piped, wired and configured for complete turnkey operation
Turnkey system options

If you selected turnkey system above, please indicate which of the turnkey system options you require:

Instrumentation to junction box for remote control
Closed loop cooling system
Winterization package (For temperatures below 40°F/4°C)
Communication with customer DCS
Pulsation Dampners
Suction Discharge
Temperature indicators
Inlet Outlet
Other (please specify)
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