Chemical reactors for a vast array of applications

Reactors and pressure vessels for a vast array of applications:

PDC Machines has helped companies develop and capitalize on technical innovation and react quickly to new market opportunities. We provide our clients with chemical reactors including catalytic and catalyst reactors featuring leading-edge technology for research and production in industries including:

Specialty Chemicals                                         • Petrochemicals
• Materials Synthesis                                             • Intermediates
• Crystallization                                                      • Solvents
• Gas & Liquid Synthesis                                       • Polymers
• Oxidation/Reduction
• Nitration                                                               • Petroleum Refining
• Halogenation                                                       • Alkylation
—————————————————————– • Gas to Liquids
Food Processes                                                • Hydrotreating
• Hydrogenation/Dehydrogenation                        • Isomerization
—————————————————————- • Reforming
• Separation                                                          Laboratory
• Chiral selectivity                                                  • Catalyst development
• Multi-step processing                                          • Multipurpose
—————————————————————- • Batch to continuous-flow scale up


PDC Machines’ floor standing one liter, 173 psig (12 bar) glass reactor system includes a digital tachometer and speed control.