Glass lined or glass agitated reactors to meet customer requirements

PDC Machines’ reactors are designed per customer requirements. We offer a wide selection of agitated glass lined or glass reactors and accessories including laboratory, bench scale and bench top reactors to meet the changing needs of laboratories, pilot-plants and small-scale production facilities around the world. Our talented staff of multi-disciplined engineers are highly experienced in the fields of mechanical, and electrical engineering including the latest in information technologies. We team up with each client to design the most cost-effective stirred reactor system that meets every condition. By consistently exceeding our customers expectations PDC Machines has earned a reputation for solving unique and challenging application requirements. The following are some of the features of our glass or glass lined reactors. Please refer to the Specifications for additional information.

  • 1/2 liter to 2 liters can reach 174 psi/ 12 barg.
  • 1/2 liter to 2 liters can reach 391 °F/ 200 °C.
  • Quick-opening covers.
  • Manual and air operated flush ram or ball drain valves, flanged valves or threaded; as well as custom made options.
  • Process contacting metals, seals and finishes will be per customer requirements.
  • Mounting can either be floor standing or table-mounted.
  • Numerous selections of magnetic drives and impellers to meet your mixing needs.
  • Controls can be local or remote. They can range from simple to complex micro-processor controls with data acquisition packages.


glass reactor

500 cc glass reactor with controls for adjusting the speed of the stirrer.