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Glass Stirred Reactor Selection Guide

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Capacity (useable volume)
0.5 liter @ 174 psig (12 barg) & 391 oF (200 oC)
1 liter @ 174 psig (12 barg) & 391 oF (200 oC)
2 liter @ 174 psig (12 barg) & 391 oF (200 oC)
3 liter @ 29 psig (2 barg) & 212 oF (100 oC)
4 liter @ 29 psig (2 barg) & 212 oF (100 oC)
5 liter @ 29 psig (2 barg) & 212 oF (100 oC)
Material of construction for upper, lower head, and magnetic drive assembly. 316 Stainless steel Hastalloy C Hastalloy B Other (please enter the material):
Agitator speed control Fixed speed Variable speed
Agitator drive torque 6 in. lb. / 68 Ncm 16 in. lb. / 181 Ncm 60 in. lb. / 679 Ncm Other (specify) Unknown (specify viscosity of material) cP Not required
Agitator drive motor AC DC Air Not required
Power supply Volt
Impeller Flat blade Pitched blade Helical ribbon, single Helical ribbon, double Anchor Gas dispersion Catalyst basket Other (specify)
Internal cooling coil Yes No
Bottom drain valve Ball valve Flush valve Port only None
Heating system Hot oil system Customer to supply hot oil system Not required
Electrical classification
Hazardous (if this box is checked fill in details below)
  Hazardous area classification as interpreted by NEC, Article 500:
Class Division Group
Hazardous, but do not know electrical classification
Options Specify
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