Continuously stirred glass tank reactors in a variety of sizes

We offer a wide variety of glass continuously stirred tank reactors to meet most mixing, stirring or blending requirements. Please refer to the following selection chart for specific details including glass pressure reactors, jacketed glass reactors and other options:

Download the selections chart here

glass reactor specifications including if it is jacketed



  • Cooling coil
  • Hot oil heating system with temperature control
  • Data Acquisition
  • Alternate port sizes
  • Viton, Kalrez, Buna N Process Contacting Seals
  • Alternate Magnetic Drive Torques
  • Pitched Blade, Helical, Anchor and Special Impellers
  • Motors complying with hazardous area classifications
  • Table-top stand
  • Hastelloy, Titanium construction for upper & lower heads and impeller