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15 liter stirred reactor rated for 4,000 psi, 942 deg F. Floor standing, cover fixed, body raised with a swivel mechanism lowered by a hydraulic lift. Includes a magnetic stirrer with agitation speed 100-1000 rpm.


Two reactors, 13.5 liters capacity with 70 in pound magnetic drives and turbine impellers. Two pressure vessels, 32.6 liters capacity. Materials of construction for all four are 316 stainless steel and maximum working pressure 219 barg (3175 psig). All are rated for class 1, Div.II, groups B, C, D.


5 US Gallon Hastelloy C-276 Reactor. Rated at F.V. to 350psig at 572F. Electrically heated Class 1, Division II. Drill Press Style stands that swings the vessel body 45 degrees for easy cleaning. Magnetic Mixer with Removable mixing baffles. There are controls for heating, agitation and RPM readout.


5 liter jacketed stainless steel reactor, rated from full vacuum to 72 bar. Temperature range -29 oC to 80 oC .  Agitation is via a 70 inch pound magnetic drive.  Reactor meets class 1, div.II, Group B.


2 liter Stainless Steel Jacketed Reactors rated at 500psig at 300F on 90Degree tilt and lowering stand.


A 5 gallon heated/agitated reactors rated for 2000 psig at 350C.


A 2 liter heated/agitated reactor rated for 2000 psig at 400F.