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Metal Stirred Reactor Selection Guide

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Vessel capacity
Vessel dimensions
No preference, use PDC's standard dimensions
Vessel dimension requirement (specify dimensions)
  inside diameter
  straight side length
Materials of vessel construction
Stainless steel Carbon steel
Monel Hastalloy C
Hastalloy B Inconel
Titanium Other (specify):
Interior surface finish Mill finish (standard) Other (specify):
Top Can open Welded to vessel
Process connections
Size Quantity
0.25 inch
0.5 inch
0.75 inch
1.0 inch
1.5 inch
2.0 inch
2.5 inch
3.0 inch
4.0 inch
Maximum working pressure
Temperature range to degrees
Magnetic drive Mechanical drive
Packed drive Not required
Speed control
Fixed speed Not required
Variable speed (specify rpm range)
Agitator drive torque
6 in. lb. / 68 Ncm 16 in. lb. / 181 Ncm
70 in. lb. / 7.9 Ncm 160 in. lb. / 18 Nm
300 in. lb / 33.9 Nm 1,000 in. lb. / 113 Nm
2,000 in. lb. / 226 Nm Other (specify)
Unknown Not required
Material specifications
Viscocity: cP
Specific Gravity:
Agitator drive motor
AC DC Not required
Air Unknown  
Power supply Volt
Flatblade Pitched blade
Helical ribbon, single Helical ribbon, double
Anchor Gas dispersion
Catalyst basket Not required
Other (specify)
Internal cooling coil
Temperature control systems
Heat / Cool Outputs PID Controller
Programmable ramp & soak Remote control
Not required
Note: High temperature protection is provided as standard
Control options
Pressure display Cool solenoid valve assembly
Data acquisition Not required
Bottom drain valve Ball valve Flush valve Port only Not required
Heating system Electrical mantle Jacketed only Jacketed with hot oil system Not required
Jacket specifications
Please complete this section if you selected Jacketed only or Jacketed with hot oil system above.
Jacket materials of construction:
Stainless steel Carbon steel
Monel Hastalloy C
Hastalloy B Inconel
Titanium Not required
Other (specify):
Maximum working pressure:
Temperature range: to degrees
Jacketed area:
Side shell Bottom
Both Not required
Electrical classification
Hazardous (specify classification below)
  Hazardous area classification as interpreted by NEC, Article 500:
  Class , Division , Group
Hazardous, but do not know electrical classification
Custom options
Pressure gauge Temperature sensor
Sampling tube Sight Glass
Reflux Condenser Weight Control
Level Control Winch
30o Tilt Baffles
Other (specify):
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