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Syringe Pump Selection Guide

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Flow range From ml to ml per minute
Precision of flow required +/- %
Operation Pressure
Viscosity cP at 68oF (20oC)
Process fluid temperature range: to degrees
Process delivery type Batch Continuous
Process contacting materials
Stainless steel Carbon steel
Monel Hastalloy C
Hastalloy B Nickel
Other (specify):
Process contacting packing Graphite-filled teflon (PTFE) Other (specify):
Controls Local mounted on skid Remote control panel
Installation environment Indoor Outdoor
Electrical classification
Hazardous (if this box is checked fill in details below)
  Hazardous area classification as interpreted by NEC, Article 500:
Class Division Group
Hazardous, but do not know electrical classification
Electrical service VAC, Hz, phase
High speed reverse for fast barrel refill Yes No
Electrically heated barrel Yes No
Jacketed barrels for heating/cooling by customer Yes No
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