This past February PDC Machines held its first “All Hands Forum” Luncheon at “ The Fuge” in Warminster, PA. The goal of the quarterly informative sessions is to increase communication and awareness of company goals and objectives, Mission and Vision and any important news on the horizon.

It is also a time to recognize employee milestones and achievements. The following team members were recognized for the years of dedication to PDC Machines:

  • David DiSanto

  • Gary Gallo

  • Keith Mulch

  • 20 Years

  • 20 Years

  • Frank Meszaros

  • Osama Al-Qasem

  • Raoof Ahmed

  • Tom Greco

  • 30 Years

  • 30 Years

  • Albert Johnson

  • Bill Goldblatt

  • David Pflugfelder

  • Monica Coleman

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