NEWS RELEASE  |  For immediate release  |  August 25, 2021

SimpleFuelFast refueling photo

PDC Machines and Ivys Energy Solutions are collaborating with Australian partner ENGV to deliver a SimpleFuelFast at CSIRO’s Victorian Hydrogen Hub in Melbourne. PDC and Ivys jointly design and manufacture equipment solutions for the hydrogen market. ENGV, our local Australian partner based in Melbourne, will provide the local integration, installation, and ongoing operational services for the station.

A SimpleFuelFast station enables quicker adoption of zero-emission fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) by providing communities, businesses, and fleet operators a convenient hydrogen fueling option. It is an all-in-one solution customized for CSIRO to include 20 kg/day production through PEM electrolysis, compression, cascade storage up to 1000 bar, chilling for fast fills, 700 bar dispensing, controls, safeties, and factory certification. The refueling station is a key milestone for CSIRO’s Hydrogen Industry Mission as it to supports Australia’s clean hydrogen industry development.

“The goal of CSIRO’s Hydrogen Industry Mission is to support the vision of a clean and competitive hydrogen industry for Australia. We will do this by delivering research, development, and demonstration partnerships which help make Australia’s hydrogen markets a reality. We are excited to be working with ENGV, PDC Machines, and IVYS Energy Solutions to establish this hydrogen refueling system as a “real world” hydrogen technology demonstration as part of our Victorian Hydrogen Hub initiative with Swinburne University,” said Dr Patrick Hartley, Leader of CSIRO Hydrogen Industry Mission.

CSIRO’s Victorian Hydrogen Hub in Melbourne model photo

“SimpleFuelFast is the most cost-effective, compact station on the market and offers all stages of hydrogen fueling from onsite production to fast-fill dispensing. This station complements the roll-out of large station networks to ensure hydrogen availability that is critical for large-scale adoption of fuel cell vehicles,” said Jim Petrecky, PDC’s VP Sales for Hydrogen Energy.

“ENGV is delighted to continue its success in delivering hydrogen projects in Australia as this project with CSIRO will be the third hydrogen refueling station delivered by the ENGV, PDC Machines, and IVYS Inc partnership in Australia” said ENGV’s CEO, Sean Blythe. “We are very excited to work with CSIRO and contribute to the Hydrogen Industry Mission. The deployment of SimpleFuelFast demonstrates the ability for this innovative technology to reduce global emissions through the transition of transport to zero-emission fuel cell technologies.”