Oceaneering required a compressor that is capable of transferring breathing grade mixtures of helium and oxygen for use with its Saturation Diving Systems. Using the compressing in conjunction with a blender, the system can blend its own gas and help eliminate the need for large amounts of pre-mixed gas, which saves storage space and weight. This compressor is used every day while the system is in the Diving mode.

In 2005, Oceaneering purchased a compressor model PDC-4-600-2500 for this application. Since we have had the compressor it has performed well with only regular scheduled maintenance. Based upon the performance of the first compressor, we have purchased an additional compressor PDC-4-800-3500 in 2011.

To-date, we are pleased with the performance of both compressors. PDC Machines provided prompt technical support when their assistance was required and spare parts were sent to us within 48 hours. Maintenance of these two compressors was very minimal which meant operating costs were low.

Should there be another requirement for a compressor, we will not hesitate to contact PDC Machines again.