PDC Machines Inc.

Plant 1
1875 Stout Drive
Warminster, PA 18974

Plant 2
1707 Stout Drive
Warminster, PA 18974

Voice: 215-443-9442
Fax: 215-443-8530

PDC has a world-wide network of sales and service representatives. Inquiries should be directed to the PDC offices located below and then they will forward your request to the appropriate sales/service representative locally.

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Americas, Europe and Middle East

PDC Machines, Inc.
1875 Stout Drive
Warminster, PA 18974
Phone: 215-443-9442







L-R first row
Jason Chow, Syed Afzal, Kareem Afzal, Nihad Kaiserddin
L-R second row
Garry Gallo, Jim Petrecky, Tim Ratkowski, Mason Lee, Osama Al-Qasem, Michael Walsh

Customer Service/Technical Support

Please have your PDC Job# available when calling, This can be found on the PDC nameplate, usually a 3”x5” white tag.







Contact: Jarrod Eveland
Phone: (215) 443-9442 x153

Operational Instructions
Our customer service staff can provide you with specific instructions for how your machine should operate and sound. Compressor manuals are available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Dutch.

Technical Specifications
Machine specific specifications can be provided verbally or we can email you PDF drawings of what you need right away.

Asia & Australasia (not South Korea)

Room 1217, Building 2, No. 1728 Huangxing Road, Yangpu district
Shanghai City, 200433, China
Phone: +86 138 1766 7805








L-R Jason Chow, Jojo Lee, Wen Yan

Spare Parts

Please have the spare parts part numbers and description available when reaching out to me. These numbers can be found in the operation and maintenance manual. Alternatively, please provide your PDC Job#. This can be found on the PDC nameplate, usually a 3”x5” white tag.






Contact: Monica Coleman
Phone: (215) 443-9442 ext. 121

South Korea

PDC Machines South Korea, Seoul
Phone: +82-10-2521-1632






Musoon (Mason) Lee

Shipping and Receiving






Contact: Jerry Roberts
Phone: (215) 443-9442 ext. 112

Accounts Payable






Contact: Kathy Beaty
Phone: (215) 443-9442 ext. 136