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Your On-Site Hydrogen Fueling Station: Automotive-Fleet-Industrial

The SimpleFuel™ refueler is an onsite hydrogen generation, compression, storage, and fueling system that uses water and electricity to produce 20 kg/day high-purity, fuel cell-grade hydrogen. SimpleFuel™ converts 3.8 gallons of filtered water into enough hydrogen fuel to allow one hydrogen-powered vehicle to travel over 360 miles.

SimpleFuel™ in Washington D.C., used for fuel cell passenger vehicles
PDC Machines Commissioning SimpleFuel™ Fast in Japan

Why SimpleFuel™

Protecting the environment and building a stronger economy

The SimpleFuel™ team believes strongly in energy independence, reducing pollution, increasing energy efficiency, creating a cleaner environment, and building a stronger economy through the use of clean, renewable sources of energy. SimpleFuel™ will further the growth of a hydrogen infrastructure around the world by providing a convenient alternative fueling option for global consumers that adopt zero emission fuel cell electric vehicles.

Ideal for warehouses and small fleet vehicle operations

SimpleFuel™ is a cost effective fueling solution with a small footprint that can make FCEV’s more accessible to customers in warehouses, community centers, municipalities, small businesses and similar locations. Furthermore, The SimpleFuel™ station generates hydrogen onsite, increasing convenience.

Experience in system integration, compression and electrolysis

The SimpleFuel™ team brings decades of industry experience in system integration, compression and electrolysis. PDC is the # 1 supplier of Hydrogen fueling compressors for the automobile, bus, heavy duty vehicle, and utility vehicle markets with over 1,000 compressors installed world-wide and counting.

PDC Machines SimpleFuel™ Toyota forklift refueling photo
SimpleFuel™ in Japan, used for fuel cell forklift trucks
PDC Machines SimpleFuel™ Toyota forklift refueling photo
SimpleFuel™ supports fleet of material handling vehicles (Forklifts)


PDC Machines is honored to have received awards from the United States Department of Energy and the Lower Bucks Chamber of Commerce for its SimpleFuel™ appliance.

United States Department of Energy
The Energy Department announces SimpleFuel™ as the winner of the $1 million H2 Refuel H-Prize Competition. Launched in October 2014, the H2 Refuel H-Prize competition challenged America’s innovators to deploy an on-site hydrogen generation system using electricity or natural gas to fuel hydrogen vehicles that can be used in homes, community centers, small businesses, or similar locations.
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Lower Bucks Chamber of Commerce
The Senate of Pennsylvania recognized businesses which, through adherence to the highest standards of service, contribute in a meaningful way toward a better and more productive society.
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PDC Machines SimpleFuel™ station opening ceremony, ribbon cutting by Director of Fuel Cell Technologies Office, Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, US Dept of Energy.

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Industrial Fuel Cell Vehicle Refueling

Industrial fuel cell vehicle refueling is becoming an increasingly popular option! This type of refueling operation uses a chemical reaction to convert hydrogen into electricity, and has been shown to be more efficient than traditional combustion engines which produce a lot of heat. It can also produce zero emissions! One of the main advantages is that it requires less maintenance than conventional vehicles. Furthermore, the cost of operating these vehicles is generally lower than other types of vehicles.

However, there are some drawbacks associated with industrial fuel cell vehicle refueling. For example, the infrastructure required for this type of refueling is still in its infancy, which means it may not be widely available in many areas yet. Additionally, it can take awhile for these vehicles to fill up with hydrogen and they require special equipment to do so.

Nevertheless, despite these challenges there have been huge strides made in advancing the hydrogen economy and this technology recently! Companies such as Hyundai and Toyota have already released commercial models of fuel cell powered cars and several other companies are working on similar projects. Moreover, governments around the world are investing heavily in research and innovation in this area to ensure that it becomes more accessible and affordable over time.

Overall, industrial fuel cell vehicle refueling is an exciting development that promises to revolutionize how we power our cars moving forward! It offers a cleaner alternative to traditional combustion engine technologies while providing a range of benefits including greater efficiency and reduced costs. With continued investment from both the private sector and government entities however, it’s likely that we’ll see even more advances in this field within the next few years!

Fleet Hydrogen Fueling Stations

Fleet hydrogen fueling stations have become an increasingly popular choice for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact. They provide a clean and efficient way to power vehicles at scale, meaning companies can operate with reduced emissions and save money in the long run! Not only are they cost-effective, but they also offer benefits such as safety and convenience. For example, hydrogen fuel cells produce no exhaust fumes or pollutants, so there’s no need to worry about dangerous gases being released into the atmosphere. Additionally, refueling is much faster than traditional gasoline tanks and the process is more reliable than electric charging systems.

On top of this, fleet hydrogen fueling stations are significantly more versatile than other sources of energy. They can be used in a variety of applications, from powering trucks to running forklifts on construction sites! This makes them ideal for businesses that require flexibility when it comes to their fuel needs. Moreover, they don’t rely on fossil fuels like diesel or gasoline which means they are not subject to fluctuating prices or rising taxes.

In conclusion, fleet hydrogen fueling stations offer many benefits for businesses looking for an eco-friendly way of powering their vehicles but there are certain costs and risks associated with investing in them that should not be overlooked! All things considered though, these types of fueling stations could prove beneficial for companies committed to reducing their environmental footprint and lowering their operating expenses in the future!

Home Hydrogen Fueling Station (Future PDC Development)

Home hydrogen fueling stations are becoming increasingly popular! They offer a great way to cut down on emissions and reduce environmental damage. It can be used to power a car, bus, and even a boat! (Maybe someday even a train, airplane or ship)

Home hydrogen stations are a revolutionary concept that could potentially change the way we think about energy production and consumption! Hydrogen is an abundant source of clean energy, and with the help of home hydrogen stations, it can be used to power homes. This technology allows households to produce and dispense their own fuel from water molecules, without any need for costly oil or gas.

Furthermore, these home stations reduce reliance on traditional electricity sources and provide a more economical solution. They are also much more environmentally friendly as they emit no carbon dioxide emissions and no pollutants. Moreover, they are relatively easy to set up and require minimal maintenance.

In conclusion, although home hydrogen stations have many benefits such as increased autonomy, lower costs and environmental friendliness; there are still some challenges that need to be addressed before they become widely available throughout society. Nonetheless, if these issues can be resolved then this could prove to be a game-changer in terms of sustainable living!

Home Hydrogen Refueling

Home hydrogen refueling is an exciting new way to power cars on the road! It involves using a combination of hydrogen and oxygen to create electricity, which can then be used to drive a vehicle. Hydrogen fuel cells use electrolysis to combine these two gases and produce the energy needed for engines. The process is clean, efficient, and affordable – negating the need for gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles. Plus, it’s great for the environment!

However, there are still some challenges that need to be addressed before this technology can become widely adopted. One of them is finding ways to safely store and transport hydrogen fuel because it is highly volatile. Additionally, setting up home refueling systems requires specialized equipment and knowledge that may not be readily available in all areas.

In conclusion, although there are still some kinks that need ironing out before home hydrogen refueling becomes mainstream; its potential benefits make it worth considering if you’re looking for an alternative energy source for your car! With a little effort and dedication you could soon have your own personal fueling station right at your fingertips – no more running around town every time you need gas!

Fleet / Industrial Fueling Stations Manufacturer PDC Machines and SimpleFuel

Manufacturers of home hydrogen fueling stations are a great way to reduce air pollution and keep our environment safe! With the growing demand for sustainability, these stations have become increasingly popular. But unfortunately, not all of them are created equal – so it’s important to do your research when finding a reliable manufacturer.

First off, you want to make sure the company is experienced and has a solid track record. They should be able to provide evidence that they’ve been in business for at least five years and can demonstrate their commitment to delivering quality products. Additionally, check out their customer reviews – these will give you an idea of how happy people have been with their service.

Next up, find out what safety features the station offers. It’s essential that the unit meets all relevant standards regarding fire safety and other safety protocols. Also ask about any warranties or guarantees that come with the product – this could save you from costly repairs down the line if something goes wrong! And finally, inquire about related services such as installation and maintenance; having all this taken care of is incredibly convenient and can help ensure your station operates optimally over time.

In conclusion, purchasing home hydrogen fueling stations isn’t an easy decision – but by taking into account these key factors, you’ll be sure to find a dependable manufacturer who delivers top-notch products. By doing your due diligence upfront, you’ll minimize risks later on and enjoy clean energy for years to come!