PDC Machines COVID-19 Update

“PDC Machines has received a waiver from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to remain operational during these unprecedented times to provide compression machines, parts and support to our wide range of customers and end users who include the following:

Gas companies who provide medical gases to hospitals, nursing homes and other life sustaining operations throughout the world including the hard hit areas of New York City.

Customers and end users who distribute food, medical supplies, and other life-sustaining items all powered by hydrogen fuel cell material handling equipment.

Customers and end users that distribute and deliver groceries and other life products during the height of the pandemic globally- from China to the US to South America.

PDC takes our responsibility as a community partner very seriously and we are deeply blessed to remain operational. As such, we believe it is our deep responsibility to support our area in this time of extreme need. PDC’s office in China has secured and shipped medical grade face masks to PDC US for distribution to hospitals and county response teams around the region. These include the Montgomery County COVID-19 task force, St. Peters Medical Partners in the Albany area, Temple University Jeanes Health Campus and others hospitals in New Jersey and New York. We continue to monitor the situation and look forward to partnering with our local and extended communities to help make an impact to support during these trying times.

PDC also received a generous donation of medical grade masks from a colleague and friend Albert Zhou from Jiangsu Province, China Liyang City- Z- Park. Albert’s message was as follows, “Hopefully we can get through this dark times Together! “ These were immediately distributed to medical facilities around the area. PDC salutes Albert Zhou and his team for supporting the worldwide effort to keep our healthcare providers safe!.

PDC would like to specially commend the countless healthcare professionals in the region and around the country serving our communities, putting themselves in harm’s way to provide care for those affected by this global pandemic. We salute you, hold you all in the highest possible esteem, and wish safety and health to all in these trying times.”

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Welcome to PDC Machines

PDC Machines, a second-generation family owned and operated business is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We provide diaphragm gas compressors for Alternative Energy/Hydrogen refueling stations, Chemical and Petrochemical (CPI), Oil & Gas, Specialty Gas, Power Generation, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor,

Food & Beverage, Research & Development, and General Industrial requirements worldwide. We work closely with our clients from the design phase to commissioning and beyond including unparalleled after sales support for our compressor installations worldwide.


PDC Machines, a second-generation family owned business, relies on several “key initiatives” which has helped build a successful organization. A broad selection of reliable products, establishing long term partnerships with our customers, responsive after sales service with immediate spare parts availability, and a workforce that strives for constant improvement.

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PDC Machines manufactures reciprocating diaphragm gas compressors for any application where leak tight and or contamination free compression of hazardous, high purity or rare gases is required.

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Our state-of-the-art diaphragm compressor technology is the preferred choice for the worldwide Hydrogen economy in both Hydrogen fueling stations and power to gas applications. PDC specializes in providing complete hydrogen compression solutions.

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