Service and Support

PDC’s service teams are the best in the industry. Our worldwide network of sales engineers and technicians are available to provide remote technical support or assist with numerous onsite services. Our engineers and technicians are factory trained in all aspects of compressor operation, including startup and commissioning, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Customer Satisfaction Is a Top Priority at PDC Machines

We have established a worldwide network of service providers to deliver local, prompt response to our customers’ inquiries. You can locate a Qualified PDC Service Provider through our website.

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Maintenance Kits

Maintenance Kits Help Ensure Peak Performance

In order to keep your PDC equipment operating efficiently, it's critical to conduct annual maintenance by a qualified service technician. Performing regular maintenance on your equipment prolongs the life of your equipment, reduces downtime, decreases reactive maintenance and prevents costly emergency repairs. PDC offers Annual Preventative Maintenance Kits for your convenience to keep your systems running optimally. To purchase the appropriate kit for your compressor: Please contact

Spare Parts

Spare Parts

PDC maintains one of the largest spare parts inventories in the industry to provide for immediate delivery. Although we recommend our customers keep parts inventory on hand, PDC does stock a full selection of consumable parts including diaphragms, O-rings, process check valves, hydraulic check valves, oil regulating valves, filter elements, belts and tubing components. Onsite spare parts inventory minimizes unexpected down time; however, if needed, PDC can expedite the shipment of spare parts allowing your compressor to be up and running with minimal delays. OEM parts ensure your compressor system will perform reliably and will provide for extended life of the compressor system.

Ordering Spare Parts

Ordering Spare Parts

Please have the spare parts part numbers and description available when reaching out for a quote. These numbers can be found in the operation and maintenance manual. Alternatively, please provide your PDC Job#. This can be found on the PDC nameplate, usually a 3”x5” white tag. To order parts please email


Service Programs

Service Programs

When you choose PDC Machines as your supplier, we are committed to supporting you over the lifetime of your equipment. We have unparalleled experience in our equipment and our service infrastructure will ensure you are fully supported through a comprehensive service offering ranging from installation to maintenance, repair and troubleshooting. We have a global service network consisting of skilled service technicians who have deep knowledge of our products. We offer a complete package of customized support services to ensure that your PDC systems always operate efficiently. We offer a wide range of service, with each component specifically tailored to meet the needs of your application. Our engineers and service teams are available to offer remote advice as well as onsite support, and we can ensure that the right parts are with you as soon as possible. To discuss service programs or receive technical support regarding your equipment: Please contact

Operational Instructions

Operational Instructions

Our customer service staff can provide you with specific instructions for how your machine should operate and sound. Compressor manuals are available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Dutch. Technical Specifications Machine-specific specifications can be provided, and we can email you PDF drawings of what you need right away.

Download the Customer IOM (English)

Operation and Preventative Maintenance Training

We can customize any training program that is right for you and your needs.

PDC offers complete compressor training for our customers. Training is available at your site or at PDC. Training consists of both classroom-style sessions as well as hands-on involvement. This provides the participants with theoretical and practical knowledge in the safe operation and maintenance of our compressor systems.

A typical PDC training course will cover but is not limited to the following course outline:

General information
Theory of operation
Proper start-up and shut down procedures
Preventative maintenance schedule
Preventative maintenance, hands-on
Drawing/BOM review
Spare parts identification
Special tools/techniques