Carbon Dioxide Co2 Gas

PDC Machines’ carbon dioxide compressors

C02 Compressor

A Single stage diaphragm compressor PDC-3-3000 for pumping nitrogen, helium, argon, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, neon gases. Boosts pressures from 290 psig to 2900 psig (20 barg to 200 barg) and provides a flow of 8 Nm3/hr. Power consumption is 5 hp (3.7 Kw) No water cooling is required and is controlled via an Allen Bradley PLC.

When you need carbon dioxide gas compression that is free of leaks and contamination, the diaphragm co2 compressor from PDC Machines is the right choice. A diaphragm carbon dioxide compressor from us is made to give you exceptional quality, reliable service, low maintenance, and extended intervals of service. PDC Machines’ users report as much as 40,000 hours of operation, with only oil changes required and no parts replaced.

Backed by our state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing capacities and our lengthy years of experience in diaphragm compressor technology, we work with our customers to offer the best solution to meet their co2 gas compression requirements.

PDC Machines offers carbon dioxide gas compressors in standard and customized varieties and come with a wide range of options. With us, you’re offered many different types of equipment, ranging from the basic compressor to systems that are turnkey, skid mounted or computer controlled.

Single stage diaphragm compressor boosting pressures from 20 barg to 200 barg providing a flow of #nm3/hr. No water cooling is required and is controlled via an Allen Bradley PLC.

PDC Machines diaphragm carbon dioxide compressor has:

State-of-the-art manufacturing

All vital parts are manufactured at PDC Machines, ensuring the utmost levels of quality control. In addition, that lets us be flexible enough to work with short delivery schedules.

Less energy expenses

Duplex and two-stage diaphragm co2 compressors are constructed of horizontally opposed schemes, which lessen the need for horsepower as well the cost of energy.

Enhanced diaphragm life

Every part of our diaphragm co2 compressor design is made to improve operation, increase component life, and reduce and simplify maintenance. The diaphragm cavity contours are made to exacting dimension, to offer consistent stress distribution for longer diaphragm life. Finite Element Analysis methodology is used in the computer engineering that makes the cavity contours. The surfaces of the diaphragm are treated with special materials so that time to fatigue failure is lengthened.

Safety interlocks

The design provides for shutdown in the event of low suction, high discharge, low oil, low water coolant, or diaphragm/O-ring malfunction. For more protection, sound and sight enunciators can be added. The co2 compressor is thoroughly instrumented so it can operate automatically without the need for frequent human intervention.

Hydraulic oil system

The hydraulic system is made to ensure uniform diaphragm deflection, stop knocks, cavitation and vibration, and create quiet, smooth compressor operation. Pressure differentials, as well as gradients, are eliminated by their one-of-a-kind oil distribution techniques. The system uses an automatic priming pump, a positive displacement high-pressure injection pump and an oil-relief valve that has a bypass valve, for simple, effortless starting.

Automatic unloading system

When started up, the PDC Machines carbon dioxide compressor re-primes on its own. Improper priming causes cavitation inside the compressor and may cause harm to the heads, head bolts, O-rings, diaphragms or the process and hydraulic systems. With automatic unloading, there isn’t any need for a technician to be there when the compressor is re-primed.

Corrosion resistant wetted materials

Every process contacting part is constructed out of stainless steel and sturdy polymers for corrosion resistance. That assists in stopping a diaphragm’s premature failure and minimizes the cost incurred when spares are needed, also reducing the frequency with which maintenance is needed and the ensuing down time.

Utmost product purity

The process gas is carefully kept apart from the hydraulic oil by means of the triple diaphragm set.

Environmental safety

Static seals are used by PDC Machines so that carbon dioxide gas can’t migrate to the crankcase, making it safe for the environment. The crankcase won’t need to be purged or vented, so the process gas can’t leak into the atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide is used by the food, oil and chemical industries:

  • Carbon dioxide is used as a propellant and acidity regulator in food as a food additive
  • Carbon dioxide is used to produce carbonated soft drinks and soda water
  • Carbon dioxide in the form of dry ice is often used for making wine
  • Carbon dioxide is used as compressed gas for portable pressure tools
  • Carbon dioxide as a welding gas
  • Carbon dioxide is used by many consumer products that require pressurized gas
  • Carbon dioxide is used in some fire extinguishers
  • Carbon dioxide is used in enhanced oil recovery to draw lost traces of crude oil
  • Carbon dioxide is used as a raw material in the chemical industry