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Two stage diaphragm compressor for pumping vinyl fluoride, 350 psi discharge, flow is 80 scfm.


neon and flourine compressor

Three stage PDC-4 series compressor for pumping neon and fluorine mix. Boosting pressure from 2 barg to 151 barg and a flow rate of 56 Nm3/hr. Has two 18 kW motors.


oxygen gas compressor

Two stage PDC-4 series compressor for pumping oxygen gas. Boosting pressure from 4 barg to 172 barg and a flow rate of 21 Nm3/hr. Has one 15 kW motor.


syngas commpressor

Coal Gasification based Syngas Compressor supplied to Turkey.  PDC-13 series two stage compressor, 113 kW motor, boosting pressure from 10 barg to 30 barg.  Compressor complies with ATEX.


natural gas compressor

Compressor PDC 4 series, duplex for pumping natural gas.  Discharge pressure 300 psi/20 barg. Scope of supply includes: Buffer vessels, level switch, vibration switch, temp indicator, temp RTD, temp switch, temp transmitter, Differential pressure transmitter, Pressure indicating transmitter, Dual oil filter and Pressure control valve.


nitrogen gas compressor

Two stage PDC-13 compressor. Scope of supply includes nitrogen purge line, buffer vessel, level switch, vibration switch, temperature indicators, temperature element, temperature switch, temperature transmitter, differential pressure transmitters, dual oil filter, pressure control valve, oil heater and thermostat.


low pressure chemical compressor

Single stage sera – PDC – compressor unit MV4 – 4 -200 for low pressure HCl – feeding for a production process in chemical industry. The unit meets CE – guidelines and special codes and standards of the customer. ATEX marking: II2G Ex IIB T3. Flow rate: 28 Nm3/h. Suction pressure: 1,4 bara. Discharge pressure: 3,5 bara. Gas inlet temp.: – 10°C up to + 30°C.


hydrogen gas compressor

2-Stage Diaphragm Compressor PDC-13-900-3000-100% for Hydrogen Gas. The flow rate is up to 700 Nm3/Hr at 2.0MPa (290Psi) suction and 20.0MPa (2900Psi) discharge pressure.  Power consumption is 150 HP (132 kW). This reciprocating diaphragm compressor meets plant codes and standards. The scope of supply is a turnkey system including one interstage pulsation dampener, one discharge dampener, a flame-proof motor, unloading system and PLC control, etc.  100% Butt-Welded and Radiographed Process Piping & Vessels.


hydrogen compressor

Duplex diaphragm compressor PDC-13-2250-2250 for recirculating hydrogen gas. The flow rate is up to 1000 Nm3/Hr at 2175 psi (15.1 MPa) discharge pressure.  Power consumption is 100 HP (75 kW). This reciprocating diaphragm compressor meets plant codes and standards. The scope of supply is a turnkey system including one suction pulsation dampener, a flame-proof motor and junction boxes, PLC control, etc. 100% Welded and Radiographed Process Piping & Vessels.


helium compressor

PDC-4-1000-3500 Helium Compressor used as part of a trans-filling system. This compressor allows our customer to draw their tube trailer down to under 100 psig and still maintain a flow rate of 20 SCFM. It comes fully instrumented with an integrated closed loop cooling system and automatic unloading.


hydrogen chloride compressor

Single-stage duplex compressor PDC-13-500-500 delivering HCL at 550SCFM (930 Nm3/hr). In compliance with Korean Gas Safety (KGS) requirements.


reciprocating diaphragm compressor

PDC-13-1250 Reciprocating Diaphragm Compressor. Suction Pressure: 24.5 BARG, Discharge Pressure: 80 BARG, Required Flow Rate: 45 Kg/Hr Hydrogen Gas, HP: 55KW (~75HP). This compressor included an ESD (emergency shut-down) control philosophy for each monitoring point throughout the system; thermowells for the process RTDs, block and bleed integral manifold valves for all pressure transmitters; 4 separate junction boxes in addition to the Local Control Panel. All process piping was butt-welded and 100% radiographed, and all cooling piping was socket welded.


high pressure nitrogen compressor

PDC-4-12,000 high pressure 800 barg compressor for nitrogen service for testing vehicle Supplemental Restraint Systems or “air bags”.


high pressure gas compressor
800 barg single stage compressor meeting The High Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan, KHK.


high pressure carbon monoxide CO compressor
Two stage fully automated high pressure reciprocating diaphragm compressor for carbon monoxide gas.


syngas diaphragm compressor

Diaphragm compressor for pumping syngas bio-fuels generation from bio mass feed stock.


diaphragm hydrogen compressor

Diaphragm compressor for hydrogen service complete with instrumentation and controls installed inside a container located in Russia.


carbon monoxide compressor

Two reciprocating diaphragm compressors mounted on a common frame for pumping carbon monoxide gas.


sour gas compressor

Reciprocating diaphragm compressors for pumping sour gas. Compressors include crank-case heater and heat tracing hydraulic piping for cold weather applications. A closed loop water cooling system is also included.


hydrogen bromide HBR gas compressor

Two stage diaphragm compressor for pumping hydrogen bromide, HBR gas.


helium gas compressor

Two stage compressor complying to Japanese KhK requirements for pumping helium gas.


hydrogen compressor 3 stage

Three stage compressor for the development and validation of Questairs’ hydrogen purification equipment. Scope includes a closed loop water cooling system.


duplex hydrogen compressors

Two duplex hydrogen re-cycling compressors. One run and other standby installed in Malaysia. Instruments include temperature and pressure transmitters, suction and discharge pulsation dampners.


carbon monoxide compressors

Single and two stage compressors pumping carbon monoxide and Nickel Carbonyl.


pdc industrial compressors

Two duplex compressors mounted on single frame with shared controls. These compressors comply with European CE ATEX and PED requirements.