Alternative Energy/Hydrogen Stations

PDC Machines is the World’s Leading Hydrogen Gas Compressors Manufacturer for Hydrogen Refueling Stations

PDC specializes in providing complete solutions for alternative energy applications. We are the #1 supplier of gas compressors for automobiles, bus and material handling fueling market with nearly 350 compressor installations worldwide and counting.

With decades of experience in hydrogen compression system integration we are the preferred source for component and systems packaging for hydrogen station fueling applications.

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  • containerized compression and filling assembly for a hydrogen fueling station

    PDC Machines containerized compression and filling assembly for a hydrogen fueling station located at Nanyang city, Henan province, China. This station is used to re-fuel hydrogen powered fuel cell buses. Filling capacity is 200 kg/day at 450 barg discharge pressure.

  • hydrogen filling station with diaphragm compressors for hydrogen powered fuel cell vehicles

    Green Promise, first hydrogen filling station with two PDC Machines diaphragm compressors for hydrogen powered fuel cell vehicles in Busan Korea.  Station is capable of dispensing 1126 kg/day of hydrogen at 1000 bar discharge pressure.

  • two stage hydrogen compression system in Canada

    PDC Machines two stage compression system to be used at the largest on-site electrolysis station in Canada. This compressor can pump 173 scfm/280 Nm3/hr of hydrogen at a discharge pressure of 5800 psig/400 barg. Motor is 100 hp/75 kW.

  • three stage hydrogen compressor

    World’s only fully contamination-free, leak-free, Three-Stage Compressor for re-fueling hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and buses. 14,000 psig/950 barg discharge pressure, 345 scfm/50 kg/hr flow Rate, 180 kW/241 hp Power.

  • compression system complete with instrumentation and controls

    PDC Machines can package compression systems complete with instrumentation and controls inside standard shipping containers.

  • Diaphragm compressor for vehicle material handling applications

    Diaphragm compressor for vehicle material handling applications. Boosting pressure to 7,500 psig/517 barg and providing a flow of 24 scfm/3.5 kg/hr.

  • Retail hydrogen fueling station photo

    In partnership with ENGV, PDC Machines and IVYS Inc. have combined efforts to bring the first retail hydrogen station to Australia. The station will support a fleet of 20 Hyundai Nexo clean running hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for use in the Australia Capital Government, catalyzing the rollout of public facing, retail hydrogen applications.

  • Harumi Hydrogen Station Tokyo

    PDC’s compression system in Tokyo’s Harumi Hydrogen Station, which when officially open will serve a fleet of Tokyo city Hydrogen fuel cell buses at the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games 2021.

  • Two-Stage Compressor, Hydrogen Fuel Stations

    PDC-3-6000-15000 Two-Stage Compressor, Hydrogen Fuel Stations, 15,000 psig/1,000 barg Discharge Pressure, 28 scfm/4 kg/hr Flow Rate, 11 kW/ 15 hp Power. Location: United Kingdom

  • 2 PDC hydrogen compressors in HydraFLX system

    Under a Memorandum of Understanding between the United States Air Force and the State of Hawaii, HydraFLX was selected to start up the National Demonstration Center for hydrogen and renewable technologies at Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam in Hawaii, to advance the use of hydrogen in military ground support and commercial applications, drive down the cost of safe, deployable infrastructure, and develop seamless integration with renewable energy. Three hydrogen technologies initially demonstrated at JBPHH are used in commercial markets today. Two PDC hydrogen compressors were part of this system.

  • PDC hydrogen compressors in hydrogen production and dispensing facility

    California State University, Los Angeles, through its Power, Energy and Transportation curriculum, has embarked on a long range effort to become a leader in the area of teaching sustainable energy systems and to engage in relevant applied research to mitigate the chronic problems of fossil fuel energy dependence and air pollution. The centerpiece of the University’s effort is the construction and deployment of a sustainable hydrogen production and dispensing facility. Vehicle: Hydrogen powered internal-combustion engine Toyota Prius. Dispenser: The hydrogen dispenser. Hydrogen Compressors: PDC Machines.

  • Hydrogen Fueling Station with Diaphragm Fuel Cell Compressors

    Hydrogen Fueling Station Open in Norway with Hydrogenics Electrolyzers and PDC Machines Compressors. The city of Oslo, Norway inaugurated a hydrogen fueling station which uses two Hydrogenics HySTAT™ Electrolyzers and PDC Machines diaphragm compressors to convert renewable electricity to hydrogen fuel.

  • hydrogen fuel station

    The construction of the station was awarded to Air Liquide who will operate and maintain the site for 5 years. Hydrogenics supplied two HySTAT™ 60 Electrolyzers that produce hydrogen fuel from water and electricity. This station has a total capacity of 260kg/day which will be used to fuel 5 Van Hool buses which are now onsite and will be operating on a normal transit line from the Roseholm bus to the Royal Palace. It is anticipated that the 13 meter-long buses will run between 400,000 and 450,000 kms over the next 5 years. Electricity at the station is guaranteed to come from 100% renewable energy sources.

  • Hydrogen Fueling Station Open in Switzerland with Hydrogenics Electrolyzers and PDC Machines Compressors. On May 22nd, Carbagas AG a fully owned subsidiary of Air Liquide officially opened a hydrogen fueling station near Zurich, Switzerland equipped with a Hydrogenics HySTAT™ Electrolyzer. The HySTAT™ is capable of providing 130kg/day of renewable hydrogen at 350barg. Based at the PostAuto bus garage in Brugg (35km north west of Zurich) the station supplies hydrogen fuel to 5 Citaro FuelCell buses which will be used in regular public transport. Post Auto is the largest public bus operator in Switzerland with over 2,000 vehicles in operation. Postauto made the investment, backed by both European funding (under the CHIC project) and National funding.

  • Trillium alternative energy compressor PDC Machines

    The Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District (CUMTD) in Illinois deployed two zero-emission fuel cell electric buses with it’s supporting hydrogen infrastructure. This project is the first of its kind and the largest self-producing commercial hydrogen refueling station in the North America. PDC Machines and IVYS Energy Solutions provided the hydrogen infrastructure which included compression, dispensing and cooling. The hydrogen supplied is produced by an on-site electrolyzer by method of electrolysis, which is supplied by the municipality’s city water.

  • Green Energy Hydrogen Refueling Station

    Green Energy Station, South Korea.

  • Portugal hydrogen fueling station photo

    Portugal’s First Hydrogen Station, with PRF and fueling Toyota Busses.(7Barg to 515B, 75kg/day).

  • PDC Machines diaphragm compressor hydrogen generation system

    PDC Machines compressor part of the hydrogen generation system at the Hawaii Fuel Cell Test Facility at the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute.

  • Hydrogen Fueling Station

    Sangam-dong Hydrogen Station, S. Korea

  • High pressure diaphragm compressor hydrogen fueling

    Fully instrumented two-stage diaphragm compressor, discharge pressure 13,000 psig/896 barg providing a flow of 232 scfm/ 33 kg/hr of hydrogen

  • toyosu hydrogen refueling station

    Tokyo Gas Hydrogen station, Toyosu Market in Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan.  The station will supply hydrogen to fuel cell buses operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

  • Hydrogen fuel station in China

    Hydrogen fuel station in Shanghai, China

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Serving Many Industries

Our contamination-free and leak-tight, diaphragm gas compressors can be applied to:

  • Hydrogen powered fuel cell vehicles
  • Hydrogen powered fuel cell trucks
  • Hydrogen powered fuel cell buses
  • Hydrogen powered back up fuel cells stationary for stationary power generation
  • Conversion of biomass to gaseous hydrogen
  • Hydrogen powered fuel cell material handling vehicles
  • Hydrogen powered back up fuel cells for telecommunication towers
  • Conversion of solar and wind power to hydrogen power (power to gas)


Flow (kg/day)

Discharge Pressures

Bus, medium & heavy duty truck fueling

Beyond 2,500

15,000 psig (1,034 barg)

Vehicle fueling

Beyond 2,500

15,000 psig (1,034 barg)

Material handling vehicle fueling

5 to 2,500

7,000 psig (482 barg)

Learn more about applications here

Reasons to Choose PDC Machines

Specializes in Providing Complete Hydrogen Compression Solutions in Hydrogen Energy Applications
From Compression modules through full-scale commercial stations for vehicles, buses, trucks and material handling vehicles. We offer an extensive line standard compressors and turnkey designed compression systems to meet an array of applications ranging from single-sites to full-scale commercial stations.

SimpleFuel™, On-site Hydrogen Generation, Compression, Storage and Dispensing
SimpleFuel™, refueling appliance ideal for warehouse and small fleet vehicle operations. Click here for more info on SimpleFuel™

PDC Machines is the Preferred Partner for Diaphragm Compressors World-Wide
PDC Machines has developed partnerships with the largest gas producers, researchers and renewable energy technology companies to create and promote the growth of practical and commercial worldwide acceptance of hydrogen as an energy source. Our gas compression equipment is found in demonstration and commercial installations worldwide for hydrogen refueling of automobiles, buses and material handling vehicles.

3-Stage Diaphragm Compressor
PDC Machines provides the world’s only fully contamination-free and leak-free 3-stage diaphragm compressors.

Performance, Reliability and Service of its Compression Systems
PDC Machines diaphragm compressors are the first choice when contamination-free, leak-tight gas compression is required. Our diaphragm compressors are designed to provide high quality, high reliability, low maintenance and extended service intervals. We have earned a reputation for delivering the highest quality product on-time, at the most competitive pricing and strong after sales service support.

Component and System Packagers for Complete Hydrogen Stations
With decades of experience in hydrogen compression system integration and process knowledge, we are the preferred source for component and systems packaging for hydrogen fueling applications.

Has the most experience in Hydrogen Fueling Applications at pressures up to 15,000 psig/1,000 barg
PDC is on the leading edge of engineering and manufacturing methods used for 5,000 psig/350 barg and 10,000 psig/ 700 barg gas compression to enable commercialized solutions to take hold in the emerging marketplace. We also provide high pressure diaphragm compressors for 13,000 psig/900 barg and 15,000 psig/1000 barg for specialized applications.

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