Diaphragm Compressors for a Wide Range of Applications

  • Fueling hydrogen fuel-cell powered vehicles and forklifts with material handling
  • Fueling storage of Fuel-Cells used in backup power generation in telecommunication towers and power plants
  • Residential re-fuelers for vehicles and power generation
  • Filling and off-loading process gases from tube trailers
  • Cylinder filling compressor for filling cylinders and bulk storage tanks with process gases
  • Compressing & re-cycling process gases from renewable sources
  • Wind to hydrogen power
  • Solar energy
  • Biomass energy

  • hydrogen refueling station for vehicles
    Air Products hydrogen refueling station for vehicles at Sapio, Italy using a PDC Machines fueling station hydrogen compressor. The compressor meets European specifications.

  • Hydrogen fuel cell station for fork-lift refueling
    Linde Hydrogen fuel cell station for fork-lift refueling, using a PDC Machines hydrogen diaphragm compressor.

  • diaphragm compressor Japan Air Gases hydrogen fueling station
    PDC Machines’ diaphragm compressor as part of Japan Air Gases supplied hydrogen fueling station to ENEOS in Tokyo, Japan. This compressor meets Japanese KHK specifications.

  • diaphragm hydrogen compressors for bus and vehicle fueling
    Four PDC Machines diaphragm hydrogen compressors used as part of the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, China for bus and vehicle fueling.

  • Hydrogen fueling station for delivering hydrogen

    Hydrogen fueling station supplied by H2 Logic for Nuuk, Greenland. The compression system provided by PDC Machines is for delivering hydrogen into storage. This compressor meets European specifications.

  • diaphragm compressor for residential and power telecommunications

    PDC Machines compressor for residential, power generation & telecommunications.

  • Diaphragm compressor for delivering syngas for biofuels

    PDC Machines Diaphragm compressor supplied to South West Research Institute for delivering syngas for biofuels generation from biomass feedstock.

  • windfarm powered diaphragm compressor

    CRES windfarm, Lavrion, Greece.

  • solar-powered hydrogen refueling station

    Boeing Research & Technology, off grid solar-powered hydrogen refueling station for UAVs at Ocaña airfield, Spain, to maximize the endurance of UAVs.

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Automobile, Bus and Material Handling Fueling

PDC Machines specializes in providing complete hydrogen compression solutions for the world’s most demanding hydrogen energy installation whether it is stationary, 350 and 700 BARG fuel cell vehicle, bus or material handling. We offer an extensive line of standard compressors along with turn-key engineered and designed compression systems to meet a wide range of applications ranging from single demo sites to full-scale production stations.

Trans-filling, Cylinder Filling Compressors and Ground Storage

PDC Machines’ hydrogen cylinder filling compressors are ideal for off loading hydrogen from tube trailers and filling high pressure ground storage tanks and tubes.

Residential, Power Generation and Telecommunications

PDC Machines offers a compact single stage model which can take 145 Psi (1 MPa) suction to 6,500 Psi (45 MPa) discharge with a flow rate of 1 Nm3/hr, with power consumption of less than 1.5 kW. This model does not require any water for cooling. Noise level is below 85 dBA at one meter. The footprint is approximately 18″ x 18″ x 36″ high [457 x 457 x 914mm]. The weight is 550 pounds (250 Kg.). Many customers incorporate this compressor in their portable cabinets along with their electrolyzers, reformers, cylinders, storage, fuel cells and electrical gears as a complete power producer.

Compressing and Recycling Gases from Renewable Sources

As the world pursues a greener environment, the trend is to develop and promote clean renewable energy. PDC Machines has partnered with firms active in this field by providing diaphragm compressors for delivering feedstock gases such as syngas for production.

Wind Power to Hydrogen Power

The electrical power from wind turbines can be used to supply a water electrolyser, in order to electrochemically split water into its elements, hydrogen and oxygen. Electrolysers can operate with variable power input.

The hydrogen produced can be compressed and stored for later use, either in a stationary fuel cell to produce electricity when there is no wind, or to supply a hydrogen vehicle.

Solar Energy

  • Compressing high purity and specialty gases for the production of polysilicon and other solar panel coatings and substrates
  • Compressing gases for crystalline and thin film photovoltaic (PV) modules for solar energy applications
  • Typical gases include hydrogen, hydrogen chloride, trichlorosilane, disilane, and silane

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