The partners of the Simplefuel® hydrogen refueling appliance – IVYS Energy Solutions and PDC Machines along with Japanese partner Tokyo Boeki Mechanics – are deeply proud and honored to announce its first commercial deployment in Japan. The Simplefuel® Hydrogen Refueling Appliance is a compact, self-contained station for refueling hydrogen powered vehicles complete with hydrogen production, purification and dispensing. With support from the Japanese Environmental Ministry of the Central Government, the SimpleFuel® appliance will use solar or grid electricity to produce and deliver hydrogen for use with a Toyota Industries fuel-cell forklift truck at the Kesen Precut Cooperative, an Iwate Prefecture-based tree and timber production co-op. Kesen Precut manufactures high quality wood and wood chip products for the Japanese market with two production facilities in Sumida Town and Rikuzentakata, Japan. Kesen Precut makes electrical power for their facilities in part from the solar power and valley water (lumber remnants and wood waste), and in this project are demonstrating revolutionary clean mobility of goods that will enable the Hydrogen Society of Japan and the world at large.

The Simplefuel® Hydrogen Appliance was developed in response to the U.S. Department of Energy’s H2 Refuel H-Prize competition, challenging American innovators to create solutions that could provide a path for greater adoption of FCEVs by drastically improving the performance and affordability of small-scale hydrogen fueling infrastructure. The Simplefuel® team consisting of IVYS Energy Solutions (MA, USA), PDC Machines (PA, USA) and McPhy NA (MA, USA) were awarded the Hprize in early 2017 and has been working over the past year to commercialize the technology.

“IVYS and our international partners are committed to bringing clean and renewable transportation technologies to reality such as in this landmark demonstration with Kesen Precut, Toyota Industries, Toyota Leasing and Financing, Watari Co, LTD and JA Mitsui Leasing,” says Darryl Pollica, CEO of IVYS Energy Solutions. “We are truly appreciative of the foresight of the U.S. Department of Energy to incentivize innovation through the H-Prize competition to catalyze this product and trigger our USbased manufacturing, as well as the warm reception of this technology in the Iwate Prefecture and the Japanese Ministry of Environment. We believe our concerted efforts to commercialize compact refueling appliances will help enable and ensure sustainable transportation alternatives, while creating clean energy jobs, and benefitting the environment globally.”

“PDC Machines is deeply excited about providing this exciting innovation to the Japanese Hydrogen Society, enabling a new market segment for small refueling solutions,” says Kareem Afzal Vice President and Partner at PDC Machines and who is responsible for the business development of Simplefuel® in the Asia Pacific Region. “It is our deep honor to partner with so many innovative thinkers and doers for this project in Iwate Prefecture. We look forward to this being a springboard for broad adoption of compact refuelers in the Japanese and Asian markets. We have prepared for the commercialized market- and are ready to deliver.” “We could make one large step forward to develop the international technical possibilities and it into global stage by installing this compact appliance with the USA’s newest technology”, says Akira Shibuta Vice President of Tokyo Boeki Mechanics. “With the additional Japanese requirement’s for installation in Japan the project partners were able to successfully blend the refueler with the associated Japanese components to meet the requirements of Japan’s independent hydrogen safety code. We deeply appreciate related people for this project and effort.”

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