Magnetic mixers for chemical, laboratory, pharmaceutical and other stirring applications

For many years our magnetic stirrers have been used as laboratory mixers, plus chemical mixers in pilot plants and small-scale production facilities for batch and continuously stirred vessel (CSTR) operation. Our chemical mixers are ideal for:

• Liquids
• Blends
• Solvents
• Fuels
• Lacquers
• Slurries
• Oils
• Starches
• Synthetic Materials
• Pulp and Paper
• Specialty Chemicals
• Particle Synthesis
• Biotech
• Catalyst Preparation
• Food Products
• Multiphase Catalytic Reactions
• Polymers
• Pharmaceuticals

lab mixer for chemicals
Fully automated 5 gallon laboratory mixer and reaction assembly. This included a magnetic drive, electric motor, propeller impeller, heated reactor with PC based controls.

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