PDC Machines Compressor for California Retail Station photo

PDC Machines shipped a PDC-13 compressor to support an upcoming transfill station in Northern California. This compressor provides a solution to problems with continuity of supply in early hydrogen refueling station rollout.

The 2-stage compressor will boost 1500 kg/day of hydrogen to 500 bar within a 15’ x 8.5’ footprint. The turnkey solution includes compression, controls, instrumentation, safeties, pressure vessels, and integrated cooling for autonomous operation.

PDC’s diaphragm compressors offer contamination-free operation, 6-12 month maintenance intervals, and industry-leading efficiency.

PDC’s installed base of heavy duty equipment demonstrates lifetimes greater than 20 years, making it the right choice for long-term station performance and uptime.

For more information or compressor quotations, reach out to Jim Petrecky, VP of Hydrogen Energy Sales for Americas, Europe, Oceania here at this email.