PA State Representative Megan Schroeder’s Fuel Cell Day photo

The House in Pennsylvania passed HR 1022 by a vote of 202 to 0 recognizing October 8th as “National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day” in Pennsylvania. This bill was sponsored and introduced by our Representative Megan Schroeder. Follows were her remarks introducing the bill. “I will be offering a resolution recognizing October 8, 2020, as “National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day” in Pennsylvania. October 8th (10.08) was chosen for National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day in recognition of the atomic weight of hydrogen (1.008).

Recognizing National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day in Pennsylvania will draw attention to the benefits fuel cells and hydrogen technologies provide in generating reliable and resilient power, while increasing America’s energy, environmental, and economic security. These efficient, clean, and quiet, fuel cells generate electricity through a chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen, without combustion.

Today, the fuel cell and hydrogen footprint is making an impact for a long list of customers in many applications and markets. Consumers are driving their choice of several fuel cell vehicles from major automakers, fuel cell buses are in revenue service in several states, a budding network of hydrogen fueling stations are under development, tens of thousands of fuel cell-powered forklifts are working around the clock in America’s warehouses and factories, and hundreds of megawatts of fuel cells are powering data centers, communications networks, retails sites, and municipal facilities across the country.

Pennsylvania is experiencing a growth in hydrogen as an energy carrier and a pathway to good environmental stewardship. Please join me in supporting this resolution which aims to raise awareness and encourage the use of clean energy technology in Pennsylvania.”

PDC Machines and the hydrogen and fuel cell industry thanks Representative Schroeder for her support of our industry.

Click here for more information, and click here for PA State Representative Megan Schroeder’s statement via Facebook Live. Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association announcement.