Today a video was released by Shell on Youtube showing the entire planning and construction process for the recently inaugurated hydrogen fueling station in Hamburg – delivered by H2 Logic.

PDC has delivered the compressor to a leading manufacturer of H2Station® hydrogen refueling stations which has supplied a Hydrogen Refueling Station in Hamburg for a major infrastructure provider in Germany which is part of a planned 50 station network in the country.

H2 Logic delivers hydrogen fueling station for Hamburg – first to achieve German CEP approval
Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH inaugurated a new hydrogen fueling station in Hamburg Monday 16 Marts based on H2Station® technology from H2 Logic. The fueling station is the first in Germany to obtain a 2014 approval from the Public‐Private Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) after extensive third party acceptance and verification tests. This ensures that vehicle users experiences a fast and reliable fueling of hydrogen with long driving range, similar to that of gasoline vehicles.

Shell press release (German)