One of the many new products unveiled at ACT Expo 2016 is an on-site hydrogen fueling solution from SimpleFuel (Booth 1712).

SimpleFuel comprises a team of three companies originally assembled to compete for the Department of Energy’s H2 Refuel “H-Prize” award: IVYS Energy Solutions, PDC Machines, and McPhy Energy.

Team representatives noted that SimpleFuel is the only company remaining in the H-Prize competition after two down-selections, with the only remaining activities involving delivery on the metrics during a demonstration later this year.

“It’s the combination of the abilities of the three organizations that ‘makes the magic,’” says Prabhu Rao, North American CEO for McPhy Energy. The consortium has meanwhile unveiled “a hydrogen filling appliance that’s designed to provide cost-effective fueling.”

“We are putting it forth as a product that supports the development of the hydrogen infrastructure in California and other parts of the country,” explained Rao. “And what you see here is an integrated generation-compression-storage-dispense solution that uses water and electricity to generate high purity hydrogen at rates of approximately 10 kilograms per day dispensing at 700 bar and can satisfy a fleet of about 15 to 20 cars.”

“So, for about the same cost of one large station, we can deploy between ten and 15 of these, avoiding the fuel anxiety that some customers have,” he said.
Rao said that potential future applications include home fueling, workplace fueling, fleets and small retail stations.

“It’s very cost-effective in terms of capital,” he adds. “The footprint is very small and permitting is also easier because of the simplicity of the product.”

Asked about production possibilities, Rao said that the company is currently “building one for a customer” that will be delivered in September.

“Then we’re looking to ramp it up,” he said. “This is an appliance model of a solution. And when we say appliance you know that volume is behind it.”