NEWS RELEASE  |  For immediate release  |  March 26, 2021
Contact: Danny Vagnoni  |  Email  |  267.328.7339

Canberra Hydrogen refueling station vehicle photo

Canberra, Australia – In partnership with ENGV, PDC Machines and IVYS Inc. have combined efforts to bring the first retail hydrogen station to Australia.

The station will support a fleet of 20 Hyundai Nexo clean running hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for use in the Australia Capital Government, catalyzing the rollout of public facing, retail hydrogen applications.

Owned by ActewAGL and supplied by renewable hydrogen produced on-site, this first Australia hydrogen retail station was specially tailored for this application. PDC-IVYS designed the equipment to provide the fleet up to 140 kg/week initially but engineered it to be easily expandable. The station can increase capacity three-fold by adding a second compressor in the existing enclosure and additional storage tubes on the pad, with no increase in station footprint. Future-proofing these installations makes scaling adoption of green vehicles like the Hyundai Nexo even more viable and appealing to governments and entities looking to make the investment into clean transportation.

Canberra Hydrogen refueling station photo

The station is also remarkable in the speed of its fills. A Hyundai Nexo with a range of 380 miles (612 km) is refueled in 5-6 minutes with pre-cooled 700 bar hydrogen.

A key element of the station construction and commissioning during the pandemic was strong trans-Pacific cooperation. Expert hydrogen refueling engineers from PDC and IVYS were able to train ENGV staff to support, service and commission the station equipment, supporting job growth in the local green economy.

Canberra Hydrogen refueling site photo

Ultimately, the success of this installation is a weathervane for the direction of hydrogen worldwide – a rapidly growing green energy solution with the potential to scale.

PDC Machines is a Pennsylvania, US based company of hydrogen compressors, hydrogen refueling stations, and related industrial products. IVYS Inc. is a Massachusetts, US based hydrogen refueling solutions company focused on bringing safe, cost effective and readily deployable dispensing and station products to enable clean mobility. ENGV is an Australia based company providing hydrogen equipment solutions, installation, and services. ActewAGL is Canberra’s local electricity and gas provider.