Cylinder filling compressor operations: A case study

PDC Machines addresses the changing trends for cylinder filling, as Osama Al-Qasem explains in a case study for gasworld.

In the industrial gas industry, transfilling sites relied on the delivery of large tube trailers of packaged gases to be transfilled and compressed into bulk packs and individual cylinders for the packaged gas industry. For years filling centres would conduct the operation and leave a small amount of gas left in the tube trailer (500 psi worth) and return the trailer and get credit on the unused gas.

This was the most expedient approach. However, with the increase in worldwide energy and commodity costs the trend changed to empty the trailer as much as possible. PDC Machines has been supplying diaphragm compression systems for these types of cylinder filling centers for decades. Historically, PDC has been supplying two models, one for slow fills and one for fast fills.