PDC Machines Oxygen Diaphragm Compressors

PDC Machines’ diaphragm oxygen compressors are the preferred choice when contamination-free, leak-tight oxygen compression is required. Our oxygen compressors are designed to afford you high quality, high reliability, low maintenance and extended service intervals. PDC Machines’ users have reported up to 40,000 hours without any parts replacement needed except for oil changes.

Based upon our extensive experience in compressor technology, and our state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing capabilities, we work with our customers to provide the optimum solution to satisfy their oxygen gas compression needs.

Since 1977, PDC Machines has been providing both standard and custom designed oxygen compressors with a comprehensive assortment of options. We furnish a wide range of equipment from basic units to turnkey, skid-mounted and computer controlled systems.

Our oxygen compressors range in size from 3 hp to 200 hp (3 to 150 Kw), discharge pressures vary from 50 psig to 3000 psig (3 barg to 300 barg).

For compression of oxygen, fluorine and other highly reactive gases, PDC Machines performs rigorous cleaning procedures in a clean, dust-free environment. We use fire resistant oil for the hydraulic system. We construct the process side diaphragm as well as the inner and outer check valves from materials compatible to oxygen, fluorine and other highly reactive gases. Detailed cleaning records are maintained.

PDC-3-550-2500 (50) two stage diaphragm compressor delivering oxygen. This compressor is oxygen cleaned per PDC Machines and customers specifications. This compressor is installed in a hazardous area classification.

PDC Machines Diaphragm Oxygen Compressors

State-of-the-art Manufacturing

All critical components are manufactured at PDC Machines, assuring the highest levels of quality control. This also allows us the flexibility to accommodate tight delivery schedules.

Enhanced Diaphragm Life

All aspects of our diaphragm oxygen compressor design are intended to enhance component life, improve operation and reduce and simplify maintenance. Diaphragm cavity contours, which control stress in the diaphragms, are precisely machined to provide uniform stress distribution. These cavity contours are computer engineered utilizing Finite Element Analysis techniques. Diaphragm surfaces are specially treated to extend fatigue life.

Automatic Unloading System

PDC Machines’ oxygen compressor is automatically re-primed at start-up. Incorrect priming will cause cavitation inside the compressor and could lead to damage of the heads, head bolts, diaphragms, O-rings, or the process and hydraulic systems. Automatic unloading eliminates the need for a technician’s presence to re-prime the compressor.

Hydraulic Oil System

The hydraulic system is designed to assure uniform diaphragm deflection, prevent knocks, vibration, cavitation and yield smooth, quiet compressor operation. Unique oil distribution techniques are employed to eliminate pressure differentials and gradients. The system utilizes an automatic priming pump, positive displacement high-pressure injection pump and oil relief valve with bypass valve for smooth, easy starting.

High Product Purity

The triple diaphragm set ensures that the process gas is isolated from the hydraulic oil.

Environmentally Safe

PDC Machines uses static seals and there is no migration of oxygen gas to the crankcase. The crankcase does not require purging or venting, so there is no leakage of process gas to the atmosphere.

Corrosion Resistant Wetted Materials

All process contacting parts are made from stainless steel and high strength polymers. This helps to prevent premature failure of the diaphragms and reduces the cost of spares needed, reduces maintenance frequency and reduces down-time.

Safety Interlocks

Features include shutdowns for low suction, high discharge, low oil, low water coolant and diaphragm or O-ring failure. Audible and visual enunciators can be supplied for an added level of protection. The oxygen compressor will be completely instrumented for automatic operation.

Lower Energy Costs

Duplex and two-stage diaphragm oxygen compressors are horizontally opposed designs which reduce horsepower requirements and energy costs.

International Standards Compliance

PDC Machines’ diaphragm oxygen compressors can be designed and certified to comply with European, American, Canadian, Japanese and other international directives including the National Electrical Code (NEC), Canadian Standards Association (CSA), High Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan (KHK), and the European Union’s Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and ATEX directive for machinery.

Typical applications include but are not limited to:

  • Filling & off-loading oxygen gas from tube trailers
  • Cylinder filling compressor with oxygen gas & bulk storage tanks
  • Blending, recycling & mixing of oxygen gas
  • Oxygen gas for cutting & welding of metals
  • Oxygen feedstock for chemical, petrochemical & pharmaceutical industries
  • Oxygen gas for glass manufacturing and pulp paper industries
  • Oxygen gas for refining of metals & oxidation process in the chemical industry
  • High pressure compression boosting & storage of oxygen gas
  • Oxygen for the diving and medical health care services

To learn more about our oxygen compressors or to request a quotation, we invite you to click on the following link: Diaphragm Process Gas Compressors


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