PDC Machines, compressing its way to a greener future

Founded by Syed Afzal in 1977, PDC Machines, Inc. began as a one- man business in a home garage. “I dedicated my work to trouble-shooting chemical engineering equipment troubles and providing design services to a handful of clients,” says Afzal.

Today, PDC Machines is a multi-million dollar leader in providing engineered solutions for gas and chemical processing equipment worldwide. The company has 54 employees occupying two facilities and more than 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space, which utilizes cutting-edge technology and is ever- expanding, with 16 computer numerical control machines. The company’s state- of-the-art gas compression systems and products are the top choice of industrial gas, renewable energy, chemical, petrochemical, gas, and pharmaceutical companies and governments.

Kareem Afzal concludes, “All aspects of our diaphragm compressor design are intended to enhance component life. Our cavity contours are computer-engineered, using in house finite element analysis techniques, so our clients end up with compressors that last.”

“Whether we’re making diaphragm compressors, hydrogen refuelling equipment or any of our other products, our ultimate goal is to provide the highest quality, lowest cost commercial solutions for our customers.”

“We’re proud to take a leading role as a component supplier to the budding hydrogen industry”.